How does Orthocaps work?

Treatment sequence

Is the treatment complicated?

No! Treatment with orthocaps aligners is easy to carry out and can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Whether in your professional or private life, either going out or doing sports – orthocaps goes where you go and adapts to your individual lifestyle, without attracting attention or bothering you.

Initial consultation

Most malpositions can be treated with orthocaps. However, only a dentist/orthodontist can tell you whether the TwinAligner-System is the right solution for you. Schedule an appointment with an orthocaps practitioner near you


Before you start your treatment with orthocaps aligners, either impressions or oral scans are taken. These will be used to determine a precise, computer-assisted 3D treatment plan. And rest assured, the treatment is painless!


You will receive your first customised aligners a couple of weeks after diagnosis. You’ll be able to see for yourself how invisible and comfortable the orthocaps aligners are. Your practitioner will explain how to use and clean your aligners. It’s as easy as ABC!


For each treatment phase, you’ll receive a set of aligners (DAYcaps and NIGHTcaps), to be worn for two or three weeks each. At the end of each phase, new impressions will be taken to custom fit the next aligners. This guarantees that treatment is 100% on schedule.

Use and care instructions

Using and taking care of your aligners is simple. In addition to your doctor’s instructions, you will receive a small brochure that answers all questions. Please wear your orthocaps aligners day and night for successful results!


Congratulations! Now you can be proud of your beautiful smile. To ensure long-lasting results, dental retention will be prescribed by your practitioner.


How expensive is treatment with orthocaps?

As with treatment with traditional fixed braces, the cost of a treatment with orthocaps depends on the tooth malpositioning in question. Generally speaking, the cost of tooth alignment with orthocaps aligners is about the same as that of treatment with traditional metal braces. Your orthocaps practitioner will determine your cost plan when establishing the treatment plan.

Individual cost estimate

Before you start, you will be given a treatment plan as well as detailed cost and estimated duration. Therefore, no hidden expenses!

Average treatment costs

Based on experience, the cost can vary between 1800$ and 7000$. In any case: Some Orthocaps practitioners also offer payment plans.

Comparison with other systems


The costs of orthodontic tooth correction may be declared as an “extraordinary expense” on your tax declaration. Depending on income and country, part of the costs is deducted.


Frequently Asked Questions

The orthocaps TwinAligner system is an innovative and invisible solution to correct tooth malpositions. Thanks to its unique dual-component thermoplastic material and different aligners for day and night, the system offers high-precision and comfort.

Tooth alignment with orthocaps aligners was specially designed for the dental treatment of adults. orthocaps actually yields excellent results in most adult patients.

The innovative orthocaps Aligners have already achieved very good results in a large number of patients with various orthodontic problems. Find out whether or not orthocaps invisible aligners are the best treatment for you by taking a SMILE CHECK.

This depends—as with treatment using fixed braces—on the type and severity of the case. The costs of orthocaps aligners are generally comparable to those of conventional metal braces and, based on experience, are about 1800$ to 7000$. You will receive an individual cost plan from your orthocaps practitioner before the treatment starts.

The treatment can only be performed by a certified Orthocaps user. To find a practitioner in your area, please use our physician search link.

Treatment with orthocaps Aligners

Tooth malpositions have already been successfully corrected in many patients by combining braces and orthocaps. Get advice from an orthocaps practitioner! Find a practitioner in your area using our physician search link

orthocaps aligners have been used successfully to treat a large number of different types of tooth misalignments: deep bite, open bite, overbite, class-2 malocclusion, crowding, etc. orthocaps aligners can be used to treat malpositioned teeth as well as irregular upper and/or lower jaw positions.

The orthocaps aligners should be worn as much as possible 22 hours per day (12 hours for the orthocaps Noctis system) in order to ensure successful treatment results. You can of course remove the aligners during meals and tooth brushing.

Some patients describe a mild sensation of pressure during the adjustment of orthocaps aligners. This is completely normal, since the teeth have to get used to their new position initially. In most cases, these symptoms, which mainly occur at the beginning of each treatment phase, disappear completely after a few days.

Bridges are used to connect one or several teeth together. This makes the movement of the teeth more difficult during the correction process, as not only one individual tooth, but rather a series of connected teeth must be moved. Consult an orthocaps practitioner near you here

Beautiful and healthy teeth give you a radiant smile and thus brighten your outlook on life. They also support the health of your internal organs and the appearance of skin and hair. Healthy, well-maintained teeth prevent the build up of bacteria in the mouth and protect the stomach from diseases.

No. Since orthocaps aligners can be removed every time you eat, and even for small snacks, there are no foods that you cannot eat.

About orthocaps

The differences between orthocaps and traditional metal braces are enormous and varied. From an aesthetic point of view, visible metal wires and metal brackets must be mentioned first and foremost. While transparent orthocaps aligners regulate malpositioned teeth practically invisibly, metal brackets and wires are always visible. Wearing orthocaps is particularly comfortable and almost painless due to the effects of gentle force. The adjustment of metal braces on the other hand is sometimes painful, and wearing metal braces daily can be uncomfortable. In addition, pronunciation is sometimes significantly impaired with metal braces, since the lips and tongue are always bumping up against the brackets. orthocaps aligners allow for very natural and clear pronunciation thanks to their well thought-out form.

orthocaps were developed in Germany and are now used throughout the world. Thanks to first-class infrastructure, highly trained specialists and a vision that was born in Germany, orthocaps are a product that is truly “made in Germany”.

Treatment with orthocaps can only be performed by an orthocaps practitioner. To find a practitioner in your area, please use our physician search link