Success stories

Success stories

Has treatment with orthocaps actually been tested?

Yes, several thousand times. More than 10.000 patients from all over Europe have already been successfully treated with the orthocaps TwinAligner system. We would like to show you some of them—here are their stories.


“ I am very satisfied with my orthocaps tooth alignment! ”

Mr R. B., student

“ I had an irregular upper jaw position. Above all, treatment is painless and the aligners are very comfortable to wear.”

“ Experiences with orthocaps aligners are consistently positive. ”

Mrs S. M., employee

“ I was panicky and afraid of the dentist, told myself that I was doing it for me, and was actually completely pleasantly surprised. What won me over was that you can hardly see them – it is truly invisible tooth alignment. ”

“ It was successful very quickly. ”

Dr J. M., lawyer

“ I think that the orthocaps aligners are a wonderful solution in older patients to straighten malpositioned teeth. These invisible braces for adults are a truly comfortable and discreet treatment option in professional life. ”


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