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Orthocaps does NOT sell directly to patients, nor do we make aligners for other companies who sell directly to patients. We strongly believe that it is in the patient’s self interest to have their treatment planned, supervised and rendered by a dental professional.

The cost of a treatment with orthocaps is generally similar to that of conventional fixed metal braces. Your treatment plan will also determine the final cost with orthocaps. The average cost of treatment approximately ranges between $1800 to $7000. This includes the doctor’s fee as well.

A variety of cases can be successfully treated with orthocaps. Most class 2 occlusions, deep bites, open bites, overjet, rotations, generalised spacing or crowding, narrow arches, dento-alveolar cross-bites as well as patients where anterior extraction is needed for creating space. Bicuspid extraction cases can also be treated together with special attachment designed for this purpose.

The orthocaps training courses cover the following topics: Introduction, philosophy or the orthocaps system, advantages of the TwinAligner concept, advantages of using soft elastic materials for aligner fabrication, advantages of selection from a choice of 8 different polymers for aligners according to treatment needs, various orthocaps treatment options (PRO, NOCTIS, PLUS AND BASIC), clinical cases, the orthocaps web portal and the interactive 3D setup (iSetup). After having attended our courses, you will be able to recommend the right aligner treatment for your patient.

Your patients should ideally wear the orthocaps aligners 20-22 hours a day (except for the orthocaps NOCTIS systems). The orthocaps aligners can be removed during meals and for cleaning.