Modern aligner technology made in Germany

More and more patients today are looking for a global dental solution from their dentist. This also includes an orthodontic treatment. You can now meet their needs thanks to our invisible, highly-effective and well-tolerated orthocaps aligners. It is the fruit of years of practical experience combined with biocompatible high-performance materials. The result is an invisible, highly-effective and well-tolerated correction for almost every indication. The orthocaps aligners goes one step further with two innovations for visible and accurate results: dual-component material teamed with the TwinAligner technology

Intelligent TwinAligner® System

Orthocaps is the only system that uses two types of aligners for the same treatment step. This provides a precise control of the forces at play. During the day, the thin DAYcaps act gently on the teeth, and at night the more stable NIGHTcaps wield their full corrective effect. This means that therapy with orthocaps is particularly gentle compared to other aligners systems.

New dual component material

The orthocaps aligners is made of high-quality thermoplastic dual component material. The harder outer layer guarantees long-lasting stability while the inner soft plastic layer fits perfectly to the shape of the teeth. This results in better precision, boosted comfort and enhanced patient satisfaction.


Thanks to its well-structured treatment process and help from our support team, including orthocapso in your practice is as easy as ABC.

Case Suitability for treatment

Our orthocaps portal enables you to submit your cases for pre-treatment evaluation. Just upload your extra- and intraoral photos and we will answer you within 48 hours.

Optimal treatment monitoring

A detailed 3D evaluation report is generated at the end of each treatment phase. This is ideal to make sure that treatment is at all times 100% on track.

Quality made in Germany

The orthocaps aligners are manufactured at our production facility in Germany. This guarantees the highest quality standards, short delivery times and faster service responsiveness.