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orthocaps® PRO

This is a versatile complete treatment system that can treat 90% of malocclusions. Indications: Deep bite, open bite, overbite, tooth malposition, Class 2, crowding, narrow arches.

orthocaps® NOCTIS

The ideal system for people whose professional life is incompatible with orthodontic treatment. The aligners are worn at night only (12h), and during the day on weekends when possible: esthetic anterior malpositions (crowding, malpositions, diastema). Indications: Aesthetic malpositions of anterior teeth, for example, crowding, malpositions or diastema.

orthocaps® KIDS

The system specially designed for children with mixed dentition. The aligners are only worn at night (12h). The best system designed for children between 9 and 12 years old. Indications: Lack of space, deep bite, open bite, overbite, malposition, Class 2, crowding, narrow arches, mixed dentition.

orthocaps® TEN

In total, 10 series of aligners for treating mild malocclusions: for example, 5 series of aligners on the lower jaw and 5 on the upper jaw, or one single arch with 10 series of aligners.

Indications: Minor aesthetic malpositions of anterior teeth (crowding, deviation, diastema) dental arch correction.

orthocaps® TEN+TEN

In total, 20 series of aligners for treating non-severe malocclusions: for example, 10 series of aligners on the upper jaw and 10 on the lower jaw. Indications: Minor aesthetic corrections of the upper and lower arch (deviation, diastema, dental arches correction)