Welcome to orthocaps!


Our commitment

We want orthocaps® to inspire you every day

This is why we are constantly working to further optimise our treatment systems. To this end, we are also continually reviewing proven systems, relying on internal tests and close dialogue with orthodontists and dentists. This is the only way to develop innovative ideas that make the use of orthocaps® aligners in everyday practice easier, more precise and more comfortable. For you, your staff and, of course, your patients.


Innovative precision products

With great attention to detail, orthocaps® developed an invisible tooth correction system that combines two unique innovations with its 2-component material and TwinAligner® technology. Our other systems also offer novel features that make tooth correction even more precise and comfortable. We want you and your patients to be satisfied. This is why orthocaps® aligners will continue to meet the highest standards in terms of functionality, precision and comfort.

Quality made in Germany

The orthocaps® aligners are manufactured in our production facility in Germany to keep shipping and reaction times short. All products undergo strict quality controls. The materials used and finished aligners are subject to the same review as the manufacturing process. The environmentally-friendly materials we use and our climate-friendly orthocaps® production processes mean that we are able to meet our commitment to and desire for a sustainable future.


Customer-oriented support

We are committed to you as a practitioner and want the orthocaps® aligners to be implemented convincingly where it really matters—every day in your practice and clinic. We make sure that you receive individual advice and training as an orthocaps® user in order to be able to work successfully. Our network of specialists combines the expertise of orthodontists, dental technicians and consultants, and takes care of all processes in the workflow, so that you can focus on your patient.