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For every problem, we have a solution

From simple aesthetic correction to more complex malocclusions, orthocapso has a solution for nearly 90% of cases.  Thanks to our system which is specifically tailored to patient’s age and treatment requirements, each patient benefits from an accurate and customized treatment. The range also includes innovative auxiliaries that make your treatments more effective.

Our offering

System Description Target patients Indications
orthocaps PRO A multi-purpose system to successfully treat 90% of all malocclusions. Customized options are available. Teenagers and adults Deep bite, open bite, overbite, malposition tooth, Class 2, crowding, narrow arches
orthocaps NOCTIS For those whose professional activity is incompatible with a daytime treatment. The aligners are only worn at night (12 hours) during the week and day-and-night during weekends. Teenagers and adults Deep bite, open bite, overbite, malposition tooth, Class 2, crowding, narrow arches
orthocaps PLUS Cost effective solutions with a maximum 20 sets of aligners to treat moderate malocclusions Teenagers and adults Lack of space, overbite, malposition, crowding.
orthocaps BASIC Cost-effective solution with a maximum of 10 sets of aligners to treat minor malocclusions. Teenagers and adults Aesthetic malpositions of anterior teeth, for example, crowding, malpositions or diastema.
HAT (Hybrid Aligner Therapy) *

This innovative system is based on the simultaneous use of aligners and fixed appliances. Our Hybrid Aligner Treatment (HAT) is the ideal solution when a treatment with aligners alone is not sufficient and for patients who wish to reach the therapeutic goal more quickly.


The Orthocaps BiteMaintainer is an advanced positioner made of dental silicone for your finishing or retention phases. For cases treated with orthocaps, we only need a lateral X-ray and a centric bite to make the BiteMaintainer.

* Not available in the US


Pre-formed attachments

Our pre-formed attachments enhance tooth movements and are pre-placed in the aligner. For more discretion, the colour of the attachment can be ordered to match that of the tooth.

Friction pads

Orthocaps innovation. A flat, textured surface is applied to the tooth to optimise the friction between the inner aligner surface and the tooth. Our friction pads are extraordinarily thin and almost invisible; a powerful argument to increase patient cooperation.