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Treatment sequencing

Treatment sequencing

So easy with Orthocaps!

The orthocaps® TwinAligner® system is easy to include in your day-to-day practice. Thanks to its well-structured process and comprehensive training, practitioners have no problem using our system. And remember that our team of experts is always here to answer your questions!

Easy pre-treatment evaluation

Our orthocaps® portal enables you to check the suitability or treating your cases with our system before promising a good outcome. Just upload your extra- and intraoral photos and we will answer you within 48 hours. This service is free of charge for certified orthocaps® users.

Patient record and order placement

Before ordering the aligners, you will be asked to send your silicone impressions (upper and lower), a bite impression, photos and a panorex. Alternatively, you can send us your digital intraoral scans online (STL format).

Precise 3D treatment planning

Based on these impressions, or scans, we create digital 3D models, which show the planned treatment goals. This treatment simulation is then available on your clinician orthocaps® online account. A step by step path to achieving this treatment goal, can likewise be visualised using our software. Modification can be made to the set-up by sending us written instructions, or by using the 3D tooth movement tools available in the iSetup software.

Customised orthocaps® aligner

Production of your customized aligners starts once you have confirmed the final set-up and treatment goals. Aligners are delivered 2 to 3 weeks later.

Clearly defined treatment phases

For each treatment phase you will receive eight/ten/twelve sets of numbered aligners (DAYcaps and NIGHTcaps), each to be worn for two to three weeks for at least 22 hours/day. You will give these aligners to your patient after explaining how to wear them.

3D evaluation for therapeutic control

After each treatment phase, a detailed 3D evaluation report is sent. This helps you to make sure that the treatment is on track and to adapt the treatment plan accordingly.

IN ANY CASE: For any question during the treatment, our experts are happy to help you at all times. We can help you by telephone, via TeamViewer, or at your office.