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Certification as orthocaps® user

To become an orthocaps® user, you can become certified via one of our training courses throughout Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria. Information on our current training dates and a registration form can be found here.

Orthocaps user training and certification courses

Course Outline:

Advantages of the TwinAligner® System
– Treatment options :

  • Orthocaps® PRO
  • Orthocaps® NOCTIS
  • Orthocaps® KIDS
  • Orthocaps® TEN
  • Orthocaps® TEN+TEN

Case submission on the Internet Portal

iSetup® – The interactive 3D Simulation Treatment Planning Software

Clinical cases

Pre-formed Attachments (tooth colour matched and pre-filled in template)

BiteMaintainer – An optional silicon based finishing appliance for perfect occlusion

Hybrid Aligner Therapy (HAT) combines aligners and partial fixed appliances when treatment with aligners alone is insufficient.

Treatment Monitoring with the state-of-the-art 3D Treatment Evaluation Reports using optical metrology

Online Courses:


Orthocaps online certification / registration

1. Register for certification via the website

2. You will receive a confirmation from us, as well as an invoice for the certification fee.

3. As soon as the invoice is paid, we will create an Orthocaps account for you and activate this account for you. You will receive your login details by email. The password should be changed for security reasons.

4. The recording of the course for certification, as well as further tutorials are available on the portal at any time.

5. Afterwards you can start directly with your first Orthocaps case.

6. You will receive an orthocaps certificate from us The orthocaps team

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