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Orthocaps iSetup® – Version 3.0

The company-specific software solution iSetup (3D simulation) is a powerful tool that precisely simulates the treatment planning and visualises the individual treatment phases. Thanks to its numerous innovative features, you can use iSetup to clearly illustrate the course of the therapy and the treatment targets, thus increasing motivation. The web-based software runs under all common operating systems and is user-friendly for easy integration into your practice.

Stepwise analysis of planned movements. Use custom icons to display all important before and after views.

Detailed analysis of occlusions using cross-sectional views at all levels.

Unlimited model overlay in normal view and cross-sectional view.

Treatment Evaluation

3D treatment evaluation

A detailed 3D evaluation report is generated and sent to you after each treatment phase. This allows you to detect possible deviations, (caused for example by not respecting the wearing time) react quickly and adapt the treatment plan accordingly. This is an important tool that allows you to show your patients the progress they have achieved.

The option of superimposing progress and treatment targets allows for a particularly accurate analysis of treatment efficacy.

The identification of problem areas during the therapy allows for fast, solution-oriented adjustment of the treatment plan and ensures precise results.